While I was on the Sakeland website, I also had a look at the malt grains they have on offer. There are probably more on other suppliers (such as Advanced Brewing), but it’s tiring to translate Japanese and for the moment, I just wanted a rough idea of what’s available. I’ve included Google translatations of descriptions for some of them.

Available in small amounts are:

USA Base Malt:北米産ベースモルト(EBC3.8)

Germany Base Malt:ドイツ産ベースモルト(EBC3.3)

UK Ale Malt:イギリス産エールモルト(EBC8.3)
“Roasted malt and so slightly darker”

Germany Munich:ドイツ産ミュンヘンモルト(EBC1.9):ラガーモルト
“Also known as dark lager malt and barley used in the raw material containing a large amount of protein” (interesting translation!)

Caramel Malt – Dark: カラメルモルト濃色(EBC130~170)
“Sweet, caramel malt with a fragrant, rich aroma and a taste of caramel malt”

Caramel Malt – Light: カラメルモルト薄色(EBC55~85)
“Sweet scent of caramel in the malt to give a rich taste and aroma of caramel malt ”

Whole wheat malt: 「ホール」醸造用小麦麦芽(BEC4.5)

Weyermenn Pilsen (EBC3~5), Munich (EBC12-17), Vienna (EBC7~9), Roasted Barley (EBC800~1000), Wheat (EBC3~5).

Prices are listed per 100g, getting cheaper with purchaseS of more than 4kg.

These are available in 25kg bags only:

Weyermann Acid, Melanoidin, Carapils, Carahel, Carared, Caramunich 1/2/3, Caraaroma, Carafa 1/2/3/Special, Smoked, Pale Ale, Rye.

Crisp Malting Group Pilsen, Pale Ale, Chocolate, Caramel.

Notes from How to Brew on malts are here, with info on steeping here (I’m including these links mostly for my reference later!).

I’ve also found that Sakeland sell dried orange peel, which is good to know.