The OG for my All Centennial IPA is 1.055.
The OG of the recipe I based it on is 1.067.

Why the difference?

All yesterday that was puzzling me. We used the same base amount of malt and grain so they should be the same. Did I do something wrong? Was I “inefficient”?

I built a spreadsheet to work out the implied OG (ie, based on the ingredients, what should my OG be) and it came back with around 1.055. I put in the base recipe’s ingredients and again it came back around 1.055. By this time my head was well and truly scratched.

And then I realised: I miscalculated the amount of water!

My first two beers were kits, both requiring about 22L of water. My bucket has gallon/litre markings on the side, and 5 gallons is around 22-23L. The base recipe is 5 gallons, so obviously that’s about 22-23L. Right? Wrong!

5 Gallons at around 22-23L

My bucket – being from the UK – has imperial gallon markings, but a US gallon is around 19L, 3-4L less than the imperial gallon!

I plugged those new water amounts into the spreadsheet and sure enough, an OG of around 1.067 popped out.

My procedure yesterday was perfect – but I screwed up by adding too much water at the end. Doh!

But there are worse things to screw up on. At 1.055, that’s still more than the OG of most commercial beers and I’ve seen other IPA’s starting at the same level. And if it gets down to 1.016, it’ll be a respectable… 1% (in line with Japanese homebrewing regulations, certainly nothing like 5%, oh no).

I was a bit concerned that the caramel will be overpowering, so now that it’s more diluted, hopefully that wont be an issue.

But what a mistaka to maka! Eh? Eh? Baka!