The temperature in Tokyo is already creeping up. This morning the buckets were showing a temperature of 26 degrees, a degree above the recommended temperature for the yeast. It had already dawned on me that I’m going to have trouble brewing during the summer – I just didn’t realise trouble would approach so soon.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting an old fridge to use as a kegerator instead of getting a beer dispensing machine – now it looks like I’ll need two: one as a kegerator and one for fermenting. I can’t think how else I’m going to keep going this summer unless I leave the aircon on all day or brew in my hot apartment.

I’m not keen on fridges for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my place is tiny – that’s what you get for living in central Tokyo. To make space I’m going to need to get rid of the ironing board (thankfully I just bought a whole load of non-iron shirts; my mind must have been subconsciously planning this in advance!). Secondly, I’ve got to get the right size fridges and I’ve got to get them to me – and I don’t have a car. And thirdly, I’ve got to get rid of them when I leave Japan – although it’s possible that someone might actually want to buy a kegerator if I was selling one.

Of these, #2 is the most tricky. I’m going to reply to some free/cheap fridge ads and place some of my own, see whether anything turns up. More immediately, I better see whether I can find a “cool spot” in my apartment. If I can it might buy me a few degrees for a few weeks.