My fridge

My fridge

Yesterday I had a thought. Instead of trying to find a fridge of the right size second hand and a delivery company that doesn’t charge the earth, what if I just take everything out of my current fridge and use that instead?

That’s not actually as crazy as it sounds. My fridge is a medium sized fridge with three distinct spaces: freezer (bottom), vegetable fridge (middle), and standard fridge (top). Anything dairy I could keep in the standard fridge in the door (milk, cheese, yoghurt); the rest (like kimchi, miso, salsa) I could move into the vegetable section.

Yes, it would be a squeeze – but entire families use fridges smaller than this, and let’s face it, half the main fridge is beer anyway. I’ll just avoid drilling holes in the door.

My only fear is that the fridge could topple over from being top heavy. But that’s unlikely, right?

So energised and with a plan, I set out to buy the gear. This being Japan though, nothing could ever be that simple. Homebrewing Service is out of 11,480yen 2nd hand kegs, despite having them available to order on the website (waiting time is two months). Advance Brewing has new 16,500yen kegs but all their regulators are sold out.

Thanks to the kindness of one of the homebrewers I met at the hanami a few weeks ago, I’m able to borrow a regulator until I can try to organise one from elsewhere. I can’t import one because the fittings are different in Japan. Current plan is to try to scrounge one when I get my CO2 from the local beer place – I hear other homebrewers got regulators that way, whether I’ll be so lucky waits to be seen.

A month into my “hobby” and I think I must have spent close to 100,000 yen on kit and ingredients – and I don’t yet have a proper beer to drink (I’m excluding Beer one because it’s terrible). Last night’s order alone was 50,000 yen for two kegs, pipes, picnic taps, steeping grain, and 10kg of DME. And I still need to pay for gas, a regulator (potentially), fermentation fridge, and full grain setup. I no longer want to think about the price per beer. I’ll just keep in mind that at some point, the spending on gear has to stop – right?