The carbonation wasn’t the disaster I thought it was. After venting the keg once and reducing the pressure to pouring pressure, Triple Cock(-up) poured out sweet. Not perfect carbonation, but not bad either.

However despite dry-hopping there’s still not much taste and aroma. It’s better than before and it’s drinkable, but not something I’d want to drink an entire keg of. So this morning I made hop tea – boiled about half a litre of water, placed in two tea-bags (empty, bought from the 100yen store) filled with centennial leaf (about 4g in each), boiled them for a few minutes, and then let the tea cool. While the cooling was going on I took the keg out the fridge, vented, started to take off the lid… and heard a splash as the lid o-ring fell in the keg. O-ooops!

I tried to fish it out with the plastic ladle I use for mixing wort but it was too short. Rather than stick in my arm (not sanitised + damn cold in there), after pouring in the tea and hop bags, I used the o-ring from my other keg and resealed with that (then purged oxygen, etc).

I have a few days before I need to use the other keg. If the ring isn’t fishable by then I’ll need to take more drastic measures – such as transferring to another keg.