New kegerator

New kegerator

The kegerator arrived on Sunday and I spent the entire day rearranging my apartment to be able to fit it in.

There’s no doubting that it’s cool to have a dedicated keg fridge, but one thing I wasn’t expecting was the noise – it sounds like having a freestanding fan running constantly. I’m going to have to try opening up the fan section and see whether that thing is replaceable. Even just cleaning the fan might make a difference.

If you look closely, you might notice the top is slightly higher at the back and the front – that’s because I unscrewed it to get inside and clean and see how it works. I’ve not screwed it back on properly yet. The bad news is that I cut myself several times on the steel – ouch! But then I cut myself opening a pack of headphones this morning, so I may just be clumsy.

The good news is that the whole tap section unscrews and there’s a big hole down into the fridge. A quick search on Google revealed that Beverage Factory sells double faucet shanks that fit into a single shank hole for $85, so without much effort I could potentially have two taps – one for each 5g keg I can fit inside. That was just a quick search so better options may be available.

First thing I need to solve is the noise though. If I can’t solve it, I may try to sell on the unit to someone who can place it somewhere where the noise will be less intrusive – it could even be used as a fermentation chamber. I don’t know yet whether I’ll sell on or not but my apartment is open plan and any noise spreads easily, and I don’t have the space (eg, a spare room) to place it elsewhere. If you’re interested, let me know – just in case I decide not to keep it!

With the kegerator arriving and rearranging the apartment, I didn’t get time to make any beer this weekend. In fact I didn’t even get time to finish returning my apartment to livable state! I even had to buy new shelf units for the kitchen since I couldn’t fit the old ones in after putting in the kegerator.