Fermentation on a small scale!

Fermentation on a small scale!

How is this for fermentation on a small scale? 2L water bottles with blow-off host caps. The caps came from the plant care section of Tokyu Hands in Shinjuku and cost less than 300yen each. 

One of the biggest challenges of making beer on a small scale is hitting the target final volume. This time I boiled 6L and ended up with less than 4L before cooling, but I added too much ice and overshot by 1/2 a litre bringing my starting gravity to 1.059 from a predicted 1.067. I’ll know better next time.

Why make on a small scale? After All Centennial IPA turning out 19L of “not great”, I’ve been wanting to try out recipes with less cost and risk. That’s one big reason, but there’s another. I get restless when all my buckets are full! I can’t have 20 buckets at home, but I can buy a few more caps and water bottles. For a few hundred yen I can feed my addiction whenever I want! I like that.

This is Beer nine:

Mini IPA

Boil volume: 6L

680g (1.5lbs) Extra-light DME (Muntons spraymalt)
50g (0.11lbs) Crystal 60L
50g (0.11lbs) Crystal EBC70 (approx 25L)

Chinook AA13%: 60m 6g (0.2oz)
Cascade AA7.2: 15m 6g (0.2oz), 1m 6g (0.2oz)

Yeast: S-04

Based on final wort volume: 4L
Predicted OG: 1.067
Predicted FG: 1.017
IBU: 58 

Actual OG was 1.059. Plugging 4.5L into the Tasty Brew calculator gives me:
Based on final wort volume: 4.5L
Predicted OG: 1.059
Predicted FG: 1.015
IBU: 52 

Not the strong alcohol IPA I wanted, but not a disaster. This is how it looked this morning:

The morning after

The morning after