I have a bunch of pre-crushed grain which I wanted to use up – C60, C75, and black. I wanted to make a porter/stout but most of the recipes I’ve seen include chocolate, which I don’t have. So as an experiment I tried to offset the lack of chocolate with a hint of coffee – decaf, actually – and using some light DME instead of extra-light. It tasted good going into the fermenter – we’ll see how it turns out in a few weeks.

This is a highly experimental brew – not just because of the unusual recipe, but because I’m using a 20L water container I found in Cainz for 600yen. No airlock but by unscrewing the top slightly gas should come out – and the outflowing gas combined with the lid only being slightly unscrewed should prevent anything bad getting in (in the same way that one of my primaries lets co2 escape from the list). Just in case it explodes, I’ve placed it in the bathroom which has wipe down walls. I think I forgot to lock the door though… oops!

As an aside, I noticed a bug in the Tasty Brew calculator – these three sets of values produce widely different IBU’s:

Boil volume: 3.0L, Final volume (batch size) 3.0L
Boil volume: 3.0L, Final volume (batch size) 3.01L
Boil volume: 3.01L, Final volume (batch size) 3.0L

I’ll need to stop using it or work out which is correct.

Chocolate-less Coffee Stout Experiment

Boil volume: 3 US Gallons
Final volume (batch size): 3.01 US Gallons

0.5kg Extra-light DME (Muntons spraymalt)
1.0kg Light DME (Muntons spraymalt)
171g Crystal 75L
73g Crystal 60L
91g Muntons Black 550-600L

Nugget AA14.6%: 60m 5.7g (0.2oz)
Willamette AA5.1: 30m 7.1g (0.25oz), 15m 7.1g (0.25oz)
Choice of hops was roughly based on recipes in How to Brew.

450ml of cold coffee added during cooling (three shots from my double-espresso machine, each allowed to run to 150ml)

Yeast: S-04, approx 2/3 of a packet. I had trouble getting the temp of the wort down (I’m going to need to look at that) and it was late so I had to pitch when it was too warm – seemed to work though.

Predicted OG: 1.052
Predicted FG: 1.013
IBU: 37 (see note about Tasty Brew above).

I steeped the grains at 68 degrees for 30minutes before adding all the DME at once  when starting the boil (I’m going to stop adding half DME at the beginning and half DME near the end of the boil – it makes IBU too hard to calculate.)

I was worried that 68 degrees was too low for steeping – I usually do 70-75 – but actual OG was 1.056-8 at 15 degrees (adjusted from 1.054-6 at 26 degrees) which is better efficiency from steeping than Tasty Brew predicted.