It’s exactly two months since I bought the “homebrew kit” in Tokyu Hands and started homebrewing. Since that time I’ve:

What I’ve not achieved yet is making an IPA that I’m happy with. But I’m working on it. By the end of tonight I’ll have all 4 of my buckets free again, and by 9pm tomorrow I’ll have received a large batch of assorted grain (two row, wheat, chocolate, etc etc) to fill them up again with. It’s time to start planning more beer!

Last night I bottled Beer five (Brewferm Kriek racked onto cherries) and kegged Beer eight (All Fuggles Bitter). It wasn’t entirely a smooth event – the tap for the Kriek kept getting clogged up with cherries and the tap for the Bitter kept getting clogged up with hop leafs. I need to get better at “clearing” my beer – I need ensure the leaf hops are not transferred into the primary, and I need to remember to put in that Irish Moss (not that Irish Moss will help transferring, just that I always forget it).

Beer eight had a FG of 1.013-12 at 21 degrees – 1.014-13 adjusted to 15 degrees – which is higher than the predicted 1.009. I possibly should have left it a little longer, but it had been in for 12 days already. Unlike All Goldings Bitter, I’m not going to force carbonate this one – hopefully if there is any fermentation left to do, it will naturally carbonate the beer. I’ll leave it for a few days with some low power CO2 trickling in to help it along – but I’d be happy to drink this beer “flat”.

Tonight I’ll bottle Beer seven (Green Scottish West Coast Flasher IPA) since it will have been dry-hopping for a week. A few days ago it tasted fantastic – so much like citrus that I had to wonder whether I’d thrown peel in there in my sleep. Last night it smelt great but tasted a bit too strong – I hope this doesn’t go the same was as All Centennial IPA. Update: I just tried some again before bottling and it tastes fantastic. FG 1.017-16 at 25, about 1.019 at 15 degrees – exactly on target.

I’ll also bottle Beer twelve (Chocolate-less Coffee Stout Experiment). From the tasting last night, this has really turned out to be a fantastic beer. Depending on the hydrometer reading, I may not add any priming sugar to this – if it still has a little fermenting to do. Again, I’d be happy to drink this close to “flat”.

Final beer to tackle tonight will be Beer nine (Mini IPA). I had some of this last night and it wasn’t how I imagined it would turn out! Again, my quest for an IPA recipe that really makes me should “Man, that’s goooorgeous” is still ongoing.