Today I made my first solo all grain batch. It’s an attempt to make a wit – a variation on Hitachino Nest White Ale. I also made a version of this at the Kiuchi Brewery 10 days ago.

Orange Wheat

Boil volume: 14L
Final volume: 12L

Anticipated OG: 1.044 (based on 68% mash efficiency)
Actual OG : 1.046 (measured OG adjusted to 15C)

Grain (all precrushed):
1.25kg American 2-row
1.25g Wheat malt

IBU 18
35m: 10g Perle leaf 8.2%
5m: 15g Willamette 5.1%

20g Coriander seeds, crushed with a rolling pin
57g Dried orange peel (pack bought from
4g Nutmeg powder 
Update 25th May 2009: Yesterday I racked from the primary to a keg with more coriander, leaving behind the extras above. See here for details.

Safbrew WB-06 Dry Wheat Beer Yeast, 1/2 a packet rehydrated (since one pack does 6G). Pitched at 26degrees, then the wort put into the fridge to cool more. I’ll ferment at standard room temp of around 24.

Similar to Strong Lagunitas IPA Clone (ie. using a grain bag) except adding no DME and instead of heating 9L to 70 for 60 minutes, I did 10m at 40degrees, 10m at 50degrees, 40m at 65degrees. Boil time was 35 minutes, in line with the hop times above. For the extras, I split them into five hop-bags and added 1 at 4m (which ended up spilling its contents anyway!), 3 1/2m, and 2 1/2m, then the last two at 1m before the end of boil.

Initial taste is similar to the version I made at Kiuchi for bitterness, but much less coriander taste. That is probably because at Kiuchi they used a coffee grinder to grind the coriander and nutmeg and added them straight to the wort. I didn’t want to do that this time, because I didn’t want all the orange peel falling to the bottom of the wort and not getting into the bucket – hopefully the orange, coriander, and nutmeg taste will develop as the beer progresses.

I couldn’t work out grain, hops, or spice quantities to use from the Kiuchi recipe because they didn’t tell me the water quantities (and silly me didn’t ask). Where Kiuchi used 67% 2-row and 33% wheat, I used 50/50, choosing the amounts to get in the wit range of 1.044-1.050 – that should give me more of a wheat taste. I kept the hop 2:3 ratio the same as Kiuchi but guessed the quantities based on IBU, keeping to the lower end of 15-25 at 18. Coriander and nutmeg were scaled down by about half, roughly in line with the smaller batch size – but I doubled the orange peel quantity which, with the smaller batch size, means I’ll be using about four times.

The Kiuchi verson of this will be delivered to me in three weeks, roughly about the time this will be ready to drink. Will be very interesting to compare the two – the three if I still have any of the original Hitachino Nest White Ale keg left!