Bubble bubble...

Bubble bubble...

...toil and trouble!

...toil and trouble...

The first batch

...but I got there in the end!

My first yeast harvest wasn’t entirely uneventful. I made too little wort the first time and had to make more; then the jug exploded in the sink (little tip: don’t run a boiling hot glass jug under cold water!); then I forgot to sanitise the bottle rim of the German beer before pouring the yeast into the wort; then I shook the stout too much between after adding bottle 1 of stout and had to spray inside with sanitiser before adding bottle 2 – but I got there in the end!

I made the pale ale with two source bottles; the German with one; and the stout with two. I may end up discarding the German yeast because of the sanitisation slip – on the other hand, I may use it for a small mash just to see what happens. This is my first time to harvest so I’m probably worrying too much – it really reminds me of homebrewing for the first time again, where you worry about everything! 

Method was the same as I detailed yesterday except that I used glass bottles instead of plastic. I sanitised them by boiling for 15 minutes rather than using spray or starsan. Hmm, now I realise I only boil sanitised.. did I sanitise enough? Oh gawd, there I go again. Just like a brewing virgin! This is fun..