I opened a bottle of Flasher tonight, which has been carbonating for a week. When I bottled it I said:

Flasher is just over-powered by Simcoe, and for me it isn’t bitter enough. It’s better than All Centennial but it follows the same pattern – too little bitterness, overpowered too much by one hop, and a little sweet. People say that a strong IPA takes a good month to condition so maybe it’ll get better.

After a week the taste is exactly the same, but I was wrong about one thing: it IS bitter. It’s just the intensity of the Simcoe is so intense and the flavouring of the bittering isn’t crisp, from the small sample I tried at bottling I misinterpreted.

Tomorrow I’m meeting a bunch of Japanese homebrewers. I’m going to take Flasher along and see what they think about it. The rest I’ll leave – after all, a strong IPA is supposed to get better over time, right?