I’m itching to brew something – my four primaries have all been empty for days now, and that’s not a situation that makes Homebrew Japan a happy man. But I’m part way through my fermentation chamber build and I want to get it finished before I brew – I want these brews to be at the right temperature, not baking in the Tokyo heat.

It has also become more difficult for me to brew during the week. Extract + steeping was easy at about 2 hours. Full or partial mash when making 12L batches was starting to push the limits at 4 hours. But after trying to boil about 25-30L in my new pot and it taking close to 40 minutes to get to the boil, a weeknight brew could be pushing the boundaries unless I start early or finish late, and don’t cook tea.

If I finish the fermentation chamber tonight, I might try to squeeze in a brew tomorrow evening – otherwise it will be Sunday, because on Saturday I’ll be at the Japan Craft Beer Association “Great Japan Beer Festival 2009” in Ebisu. An excellent opportunity to search for more tastes for inspiration.