Which beer?


Let's Drinking with Enjoy OUR IPA and Let's drinking White Ale

These beers!

Five lovely boxes of beer...


14 more bottles than aniticipated (yes, I had to pay for the extra!)...


Labels too!


Now where to put it? Some in the kegerator...


Some in the fridge (note lack of food other than beer!)...


The rest in the fermentation chamber...


Oh, and some in a glass of course!

The White Ale tastes fantastic – very much like Hitachino’s own White Ale. The IPA – I’d say it’s more like a strong pale ale or a British style IPA, but still very drinkable.

Of course none of these came out with the funky aftertaste of the beers I’ve made at home – hopefully which I’ll now be rid of after making the fermentation temperate. And the orange and coriander of the white ale is perfectly balanced, unlike that of my later Orange Wheat! Just shows the difference when you work with professionals, use professional equipment, and follow their methods.