Goodies from across the sea

Goodies from across the sea

The March H315 pump has arrived – along with an auto-syphon and enough quick connects and taps and o-rings to be able to use all my kegs.

Was at Popeye again on Friday. Was extremely busy – difficult to get service at times, but despite that, lots of alcohol was consumed.

  • Swan Lake Amber – good
  • Hidatakayama Weizen – normal weizen
  • Swan Lake Golden Ale – I thought a little tasteless but others liked it
  • Preston Pale Ale – Apparently Preston have a bit of a reputation, but I thought this was OK – better than the Swan Lake Golden
  • Baird IPA – Can’t go wrong with a Baird IPA
  • Preston Ale  Babakan IIPA “Cat Fish Head” – Nice bitter and fruity malty. V good but a little treacle like after a while.
  • Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye – Has the taste
  • Minamisinsyu Beer Winter Ale – Dark, little bit like a Christmas pie. Stewed caramel with a little cinamin or spice? Not bad.
  • Hakusekikan Brown Ale – The one I liked at Ushi. Amazing.
  • Baird Rainy Season – A little dark, a little hoppy, but not much. So-so.
  • Hakusekikan crystal ale 2001 – Nicely aged. Hides sweetness well.  Nice as it gets warmer
  • Rogue Imperial Stout – Hoppy bitter. Awesome. Got a sample of this at The Aldgate a few weeks back and it seemed too intense, so never ended up ordering it (they mentioned that it was near the end of the barrel). Was more refined in Popeye.
  • Fujizakura Kougen Weizen – Normal weizen but ok.
  • Nogne Imperial Stout – Smoky, smooth, beautiful; strange I like this because I have tried the Nogne IPA twice and not liked it.

And then my record gets a bit vague with reference to Rogue Brewer. No idea what that means. Obviously it was time to go home…

I do remember sampling the Speakeasy Prohibition Ale again and starting a conversation with one of the homebrewers about what I didn’t like about about. For some reason we became distracted and never finished the chat, so I’m still none the wiser.