In case you’re not aware, Stone has a copy of their BYO feature online here.

Last week in Popeye,  I had a pint of Ruination. In honesty, I don’t actually remember it that much except that it was good, but what I have had since then is a craving to drink more. I tried and failed to find it in Cataratas on Monday. Hopefully they’ll have it in either Popeye tomorrow or Thrash Zone on Saturday – but the craving is so strong that I’m thinking to go to Tanakaya tonight and see if they have bottles.

What do they put in Ruination? Crack cocaine? I don’t even remember that much about what it tasted like except “damn good”, yet I crave it?!

The BYO feature has several clone recipes for Stone beers:

  • Stone Pale Ale clone
  • Stone IPA clone
  • Stone Ruination IPA clone (really a double IPA, I think)
  • Stone Smoked Porter clone
  • Stone Imperial Russian Stout clone
  • Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (12th Anniversary Beer) clone

All the recipes except the last one have all-grain and extract with grain versions.

Interestingly the recipes seem to use different hops than listed on the Stone website. The clone IPA uses Magnum, Perle, Centennial, and Chinook – but the IPA webpage says Columbus, Centennial and Chinook. Similarly the Ruination clone uses Magnum and Centennial, but the Ruination webpage says Columbus and Centennial. From a bit of searching around, I found this generic Stone email, which lists the same hops as in the BYO article. General view is that Stone switched bittering varieties at some point – unfortunately I can’t use waybackmachine to confirm that because the website is flash based.

For a while I’ve been thinking to do a super-hopped IPA. Last night I put together an initial idea for recipe using DME + grains with the hops for Ruination as a guideline (Magnum and Centennial).

The recipe I’ve put together is a whopping 150IBU. It already has a name: Hops of Mass Destruction IIPA. Stone’s generic mail lists Ruination as 105IBU – but the BYO recipe gave me around 150IBU, so that’s the figure I’m going for.

Now all I need to decide is:

  • Am I brave enough to make a 19L batch of this first time or should I do a half batch?
  • Should I keep it as extract + steeping grain or should I use this for the experimental Pilsner IPA I planned and do PM/AG?

I wish I had a bottle of Ruination here now to help me decide.