50g Centennial, 75g Magnum: Hops of Mass Destruction

50g Centennial, 75g Magnum: Hops of Mass Destruction

Last night I made Hops of Mass Destruction, an IPA with a whopping 140+ IBUS. Bittering comes from a lavish 75g of Magnum, with a gorgeous aromatic 50g of Centennial providing the flavour, to be further aromatised by a full 66g of Centennial dry hopping in a week’s time. With an OG of 1.065, it’s a pity I’ll have to stop the alcohol at 1% – if this wasn’t Japan it could end up around the 6.3-6.8% mark. Hehe.

In honesty, I was intending to make this match the 1.072 OG of Ruination – but due to less evaporating in the boil than I expected, I ended up with a full 2 litres more than planned. It’s cool though. 1.065 is fine for a hoppy IPA, and my crystal bill is darker than that used in Ruination, so I should have a good balance of light caramel to match the hop bill even with the slightly lower OG.

Is this a Stone Ruination clone? Well it uses the hops that Ruination used to use (Ruination no longer uses Magnum), in proportions taken from the BYO recipe given by Stong. According to Stone’s generic email, Ruination has 105 IBUs and HOMD has 140+ – though Stone’s figure is probably lab measured after the beer is made, rather than a calculated theoretical value. Grain mix is quite different, with the real thing using 2-row and 15L and HOMD using a mix of darker crystals to half the amount of Ruination’s 15L (I like the complexity of using different crystals), backed up with a little leftover Munich, Wheat, and 2-row combined with DME (essentially 2-row).

Hops of Mass Destruction IPA

Boil volume: 24L
Batch size: 20.5L (I was originally intending 19L; total amount was around 21L with some going to the hydrometer reading and some remaining in the discarded hops)

OG (anticipated and actual): 1.065
FG (predicted based on Ruination): 1.012 (though I’m more likely to get 1.016 I think based on what I usually achieve)

Bitterness: 141IBU + FWH of around 10%

Steeping grain (40% efficiency):
58g American 2-row
27g Crystal 15L
88g Wheat Malt
36g Munich
73g Crystal 27L
35g Crystal 40L
90g Crystal 150L
3.5kg Muntons Extra-light Spraymalt (DME)

Hops (whole):
FWH + 90m 75g Magnum 14.2%AA
15m 50g Centennial 9%AA + Irish Moss (approx half a teaspoon)
Dry-hop: 66g Centennial 9%AA – I’ll probably bottle 1.5L before dry-hopping, so that I can have “before and after” samples.


  1. I added the grain as the 24L of water was heating, starting when the water hit 40C. It took 15 minutes for the water to reach 65C, which I maintained for a further 35 minutes.
  2. After the 30m I removed the grain, added the 75g Magnum, and applied heat again. When boiling, I added the DME and then waited until the word was boiling again before starting timing. This stage took 40 minutes (ie, 40m FWH).
  3. 90minute boil adding Centennial and Irish Moss after 75 minutes.
  4. Cool the wart in the sink. I added two bags of ice at this point (another contributing factor to the larger batch size, but my pot doesn’t have markings on it).
  5. Poured into primary with a seive to remove hops and aerate. Pitched rehydrated S-05 (one pack) and then put into fermentation chamber (19 degrees).

I have to confess that my cooling was a bit of a disaster. What was I thinking of to try to cool 20+L of wort in a sink half the height of the pot?? It seriously didn’t work. But by this time I was exhausted and it was late – I poured into the primary and pitched around 34 degrees. Far too hot, I know. Hopefully I’ll have my plate chiller ready by the next batch.

Weapon FREE

I’m predicting this will be the next big thing amongst homebrewers (ha!) – making your own alcohol free beer!

Homemade alcohol free beer

Weapon FREE: Homemade alcohol free beer

How to make alcohol free beer:

  1. Make real beer as normal (see above)
  2. Take the sample used for the hydrometer reading and pour into fizzy bottled water

The next big thing amongst homebrewers I tell you. It’ll be all over twitter by the end of the day..