A number of things happening this weekend:

  • Tonight I’ll be picking up my plate chiller, delivered from Aus. The weekend starts Friday night, right?
  • Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting 25kg of Pilsner malt delivered. I’ll also be kegging and bottling my Don’t Mention The War “Cloudy” Pilsner and Coconut Wheat Porter. I’ve very pleased with the taste of both of them, especially for first attempts. The coconut tastes “toasty” rather than like fake sweet coconut (or at least it did a few days ago). And the pilsner – I’m not a huge pilsner fan and I’ve tasted some awful craft pilsners, so I’m just happy that contrary to my expectations it came out as something that I like the taste of (in fact I liked it enough to buy that 25kg of Pilsner malt).
  • Saturday night I’ll be doing a pub crawl in Yokohama with Chuwy and Jonno and maybe some others.
  • Sunday I wanted to go to the Wan Cup judging (Japanese homebrew competition) to see how it’s done, but since I’m not a judge they wont let me attend – pity because I wanted to write about it, and I may not be in Japan next year or somewhere where there is a recognised homebrew competition. Instead, if I’m not completely written off from Saturday, I might go buy parts for a mash tun and connections for the plate chiller. In the evening, I hear the Cat & Cask has a Jazz event with some special dry-hopped Ozenoyukidoke IPA  – might go to that. Not a big Jazz fan though.

Last night I was back in Popeye to pickup a drill from a friend. Here’s what I consumed:

  • Isekadoya Beer Brown Ale
  • Isekadoya Beer Pale Ale
  • Ozenoyukidoke IPA
  • Baird IPA
  • Preston Ale IPA – CO2
  • Preston Ale IPA – Hand-pump
  • Preston Ale BaBakan IIPA
  • Rogue Ale IIPA
  • Hidatakayama Beer Weizen
  • Ballast Point Sextant Oatmeal Stout
  • Nonge 0 Imperial Stout

I’ve notice recently that a particular IPA can have huge flavour variations, depending on how cold it is, how gassy it is, whether it is hand pumped or not, how far through the keg it is, and what other beers I’ve had to drink.

Anyone else notice this?

The BaBakan IIPA was excellent last time I was at Popeye and the Preston IPA was excellent last time I was at Aldgate, but last night at Popeye I didn’t rate either of them, and Chuwy was at Aldgate last night and didn’t rate the Preston there either.

Ozenoyukidoke IPA – not my favourite IPA to begin with – is another one that can have huge taste variations.

The Rogue IIPA also changed taste a lot as it got warmer (but I did leave it sitting for quite a while, distracted by some other beers).

Maybe it’s because they were the first beers of the night, but both the Isekadoya’s were good. Baird IPA and Rogue Ale IIPA were also excellent (until the Rogue got warm). First time to try the Sextant Oatmeal Stout also – very nice.. makes me wonder why I didn’t like the Ballast Point Calico, because I’ve liked every other Ballast Point.

Tonight: Nakameguro Taproom. I hear they have a Mild there – I’ve not seen a Mild for ages!

Chuwy: I did photograph the menu so you can update Boozelist (infact wherever I go these days I try to list what’s there so you can update Boozelist, such as with Ushi Tora and Beer Rock a few days ago) but still need to upload to my PC. Will do tonight or tmr. Would be good if you could link to my Tokyo Beer Map and Finding beer in Japan pages for people using iPhone or outside Tokyo/Yokohama.