Wednesday night I kegged Hops of Mass Destruction IPA (FG 1.017) after 6 days dryhopping. Six days is probably less than most homebrewers dryhop for but everytime I read about a commercial brewer dryhopping they always limit the dryhopping to 4-5 days. I went for six says because they hop layer was so thick and I wanted extra time for the flavour and aroma to come out, but I decided not to go any longer to stay as close to a commercial timeframe as possible.

I’ve not tried it out the keg yet, only from a 500mp PET bottle that I force carbonated. Being my critical self, I’d say it’s a little too bitter and though it has some good hop aroma and flavour, I’d say that it perhaps needs a touch more to balance out the bitterness.

I’ve yet to taste it from the keg though, and from the keg at the right temperature and at the right carbonation, beer always tastes different. But assuming the keg tastes the same, I think it needs a touch more hoppiness.

One option is to do “multistage dryhopping” as mentioned by Stone in their BYO feature. Sticking a bag in the keg with extra dryhops will give the beer the boost I want.

I’m not going to do that though. Instead I have a more cunning plan. On Saturday I’ll pick up a Popeye style Hops Heart hop infuser. This connects between the keg and the serving tap. Inside I’ll put fresh hops, and when I pour a glass of beer, the beer will pass through the hops, extracting fresh hop taste and flavour. With this I’ll be able to try out different hops and see how it affects the flavour of the beer, and I should get that flavour boost that I want.

HOMD used Simcoe Centennial for the dryhopping. I’m thinking the first hop to try in the hop infuser will be Amarillo. I have a huge bag of Amarillo that has yet to be tasted.