The new Beer in Japan website

The new Beer in Japan website

When I first started Homebrew Japan, my intention was only really to blog about homebrewing. But as I became more involved with the craft beer scene in Japan, I discovered a whole wealth of bars, breweries, beers, and distributors that I didn’t know about. I also discovered that there isn’t that much written about the craft beer scene in Japan – resulting in breweries going under, bars struggling to get customers, and far too many people drinking Asahi and Kirin when really there’s so much better out there.

Beer in Japan is my way of trying to get more information about the Japanese craft beer scene out there. I aim for it to be a way for those living in Japan to find out about good bars and breweries, and for those outside of Japan to discover what Japan has to offer.

It’s small at the moment – I still have a lot of listings to do and I still have to get to work on the articles I plan to write, but it’s taken a month of setting up and writing to get this far, and I think it’s working well enough to go public. There’s an RSS feed and a twitter feed to make it easy to keep up with a new listings and articles – and a “old style” monthly (probably) newsletter for those who want emails telling them about new listings and persuading them to drink beer.

Any problems with the site, please do let me know! And if you have a beer site related to Japan (or even not!) please link to Beer in Japan and help spread the word!