Filling the keg with Evil

Filling the keg with Evil

I finally kegged Axis of Evil last night and started the force carbonation. It’s been chilling and settling overnight, and hopefully, if I’ve got the carbonation right, I’ll be able to try some tonight.

I finished off the small PET bottle that I force carbed a few days ago – I can’t quite put my finger on whether the smooth taste is 100% down to the hops or whether it’s from the Carahell or even from mashing (remember I was using new equipment and new techniques). I need to views of an expert I think.

I’m planning to make another Pilsner this weekend if I can get away with emptying the fridge again to put in the fermenter without the girlfriend killing me. It’s quite likely that this will be the second last beer I make in Japan as I wind down my homebrew and beer stock in case I go to Singapore later in the year.

You’ll notice that my kitchen still has bits lying around from when I made Evil a few weeks ago (see the plate chiller in the basin on the floor?). Also on the counter are various bottles of beer – I had to clear out the kegerator to take out Mass Destruction and put in Evil (the kegerator still looks similar to this as I’ve been buying beer at similar rates to I’ve been consuming it – I just keep seeing new bottles out there, as evidenced by the brown bag which contains three bottles bought last night!)