Just read the most pointless article about Beer in Japan ever in Beers of the World, issue 22. Three – yes, just three – craft breweries are mentioned: Baird, Minoh, and Hakusekikan. Minoh and Hakusekikan get a sentence each, and Baird – which, let’s face it, is about as Japanese as Turning Japanese by The Vapours – gets a couple of paragraphs. The only bar mentioned is Popeye.

Jesus – there’s not even a single mention of:

  • Kiuchi – the first and still the largest craft brewery to export from Japan, and the only one to have beer sold in the UK (restaurants in London)
  • Yoho – owner trained with Stone, maker of Yona Yona, Tokyo Black, and Aooni which are some of the few craft beers available in convenience stores
  • Ginga-kogen – again, high availability
  • Shiga-kogen – makes the best IPA in Japan
  • Ezo – made outside Japan by Rogue but for the Japanese market

It also doesn’t mention the international craft beer scene in Japan.

Way to go – write an article on Japanese beers, recommend the commercial available crap, interview the most non-Japanese brewer in Japan just because he’s the only one you can find who speaks English (there are more, but that would take research), and mention only one bar.

If anyone knows Matthew Knott personally, give him a slap from me will you?