Scottish Brewdog and Beerbear in Japan

Scottish Brewdog and Beerbear in Japan

It’s no secret that my first encounter with Brewdog wasn’t a pleasant one – as I wrote here, I disliked Storm so much that it became one of the few beers I’ve thrown down the sink. But then I’m not fan of whisky cask aged beers – I didn’t like the Harviestoun Ola Dubh either.

Since then I’ve been following the company – and researching about British beers more, driven on by the fact that I’ll be visiting Scotland again later in the year and want to visit some breweries and make sure I can get decent beer there, and also after discovering that Greene King’s 3.6% IPA is “Britain’s favourite cask ale.” Coca-cola has more hops than Greene King.

The more research I do into British beers, the more I start to admire Brewdog. I’ve been shocked to see most of the UK craft IPAs I stumble across are under the 4% mark, which is really just a pale ale. I know there’s better out there – this article mentions a few – but I’ve yet to find one in Scotland other than Brewdog (I’m still looking). Brewdog are in some way making craft beers interesting to the masses again – which is a good thing.

A few weeks back I tried the Punk IPA and Rip Tide. Punk IPA is a respectable 6%, and while it’s not a hop monster like Stone IPA, it had nice citrus tones and it compares well against Japanese IPAs. I could down a few in the summer heat. I’d love to get my hands on some Hardcore IPA at 150+ IBUS and Chaos Theory IPA, though that will need to wait until I get to the UK because they are not coming to Japan.

What is coming to Japan is the controversial Tokyo*. It will be arriving in Japan in October, finally. Tokyo* is 18.2% and brewed with Jasmine and Cranberries. Sounds like a beer to be savoured slowly.

If you live in the UK, be sure to check this offer from Brewdog.