…and I’m building up the kit again. Apart from 4 kegs I left in Japan, two fermentation buckets sent back to Japan, and my old 16L kettle which I scrounged back, I’m starting again from scratch.

And starting from scratch means primitive methods and extract only for the moment. There’s a lot that I’ve forgotten and these first 5 extract beers are really just to play about and get me back in the swing of it.

Here are my first 5 beers, brewed in the past few weeks…

  1. Black Rock Miners Stout Kit, made with 500g DME to 17L
  2. Approx 1% with DME and Nelson Sauvin hops which fermented down to 1.000! My bad – I forgot to put in Crystal.
  3. Don’t Mention The War Pils 2014 with DME and Saaz, which turned out with less bittering than I’d like.
  4. Black Rock Export Pilsner, made with 1kg DME to 19L plus a hop tea of Saaz. Currently fermenting.
  5. Hops of Mass Destructions 3 withDME and Cascade, Pils with DME. Currently fermenting.

Don’t Mention The War Pils 2014

Style: Pilsener

Type: Partial mash   Size: 20 liters
Color: 5 HCU (~5 SRM)
Bitterness: 32 IBU [Approx – it’s difficult to calculate because I split the DME addition]
OG: 1.025 FG: 1.010
Alcohol: 0.4.4%

500g German Munich
60g Crystal 30L

2kg Light dry malt extract (13L boil with half DME added at the end)

65g Saaz (3.5% AA, 60 min.)
30g Saaz (3.5% AA, 15 min.)
30g Saaz (3.5% AA, 3 min.)
15g Saaz (aroma)

+ A bit of Saaz dry hopping (I forget the amount)

Hops of Mass Destructions 3   

Style:   Africa Pale Ale

Type:   Extract w/grain   Size:   13 liters
Color:   10 HCU (~7 SRM)
Bitterness:   124 IBU
OG:   1.045   FG:   1.012
Alcohol:   0.4.3%

0.1kg American crystal 56L
0.1kg American crystal 28L
1.5kg Light dry malt extract

50g Nugget (13.6% AA, 45 min.)
40g Cascade (6.9% AA, 15 min.)
40g Cascade (aroma)