When I started brewing, it was with amazement that I could actually make beer. And I did. And the first beer I made I threw down the sink it was so disgusting.

But I learnt quickly and soon made beers I loved more than commercial beers. I built a fermentation chamber, bought a beer server, and went full blown equipment crazy.

I went from simple to complex. I was doing everything – grinding my grain, mashing in a mash tun, cooling that was past the ice(bag) age with a pump and a plate chiller – and it was fantastic. I was making delicious beer.

And then it went from fun to being a chore. The novelty wore off.

My brew days were longer. I could no longer brew without dedicating a day.

I was spending less time on recipes and more on process.

But I kept with it. Kept with it for years. That’s the way we brew, right?

Recently it came to a head though. I realised: I don’t enjoy this anymore.

I enjoy the formulating of recipes and seeing how they turn out. But I don’t enjoy the length and mendokusai-ness of the process.

After 50+ brews, I feel I know how to control mash temps. I know how to hop. I know how to cool.

I don’t feel I need to prove it to myself over and over.

I don’t want to lose a day of my life every time I brew.

I want to concentrate on recipes and in enjoying the beer I brew.

I want brewing to be fun again.