Woke up and crafted a recipe online over coffee. Got out the grain mill and drill and ground the grain. Weighed the hops at breakfast. Run a quick rinse cycle through the Zymatic. Then attached the keg and started the recipe.


Then in the shower and out for a ride on the bike.  Nice basket, huh?

Back home I had the MacBook Pro pointed at the Z with PhotoBooth over the brew progress webpage.


As the boil progressed I sat in a local soba restaurant and enjoyed Green Tea Soba with Vegetable Tempura while watching the Z move through the hop additions on my phone.


Just after 1 I returned home to start the chill cycle. Whirlpool (which I didn’t do for this Pils), chill, transfer to fermentation vessel, and cleaning are the areas where it’s back to hands on deck.


This time I finished at 4, which was 2 hours 45 minutes. And that time sucks. But at the moment I’m primitive-chilling in iced water – which not only takes forever but extends the cleanup. I’ll work out a way to speed that up. Today I also had to build a blow-off tube to allow me to ferment in keg. And cleaning – well, is there a magic pill for that apart from just being more efficient at it?

Putting things in perspective: I made a beer with less than 3 hours hands on time. And I made two beers in one weekend – I can’t remember the last time when I could have been bothered to do that! It was just too much work. So pretty pleased today!