506: Coconut Pils


You are looking at 506 Coconut Pils (in a slightly muddy dark photo). After bottling with 3g of sugar, this now tastes gorgeous. I’m astonished. A definite success when it comes to beer rescuing.

Unlike 504 Black Rock Export Pilsner Saaz’d Up. Unsurprisingly it’s the same base as 506, and despite the saaz, and despite keg hopping with a bag of chinook, it still tastes sugary, tingly, and not at all drinkable. I contemplated ditching the keg, but after 506 working out so well, I’ve decided to do something rather radical.

Another 200g of unsweetened coconut. Roasted. Put in a muslin bag soaked in starsan. And popped in the keg (after taking out the chinook).

This will probably go wrong for all sorts of reasons. The hot coconut hitting the 4 degrees beer. The muslin bag that discoloured the starsan solution from previous hops or grain. And the fact that you can’t be lucky TWICE, can you?

Still if it does work out, I could definitely enjoy a full keg of Coconut Pils.


It’s a long time since I’ve bottled anything but I don’t have the keg space and this Coconut Pils was such a tiny brew. In the end I discarded a couple of litres because I didn’t have any more bottles.

Turned out far more drinkable than I expected. All the kit-sweetness disappeared, which is excellent – I was on the verge of discarding the kit before deciding to try it with coconut. It’s a little over-bitter however, but that carries over from the kit. All in all it proves a light toasted coconut beer can work. I just need to think of the perfect recipe now.


It’s common to combine toasted coconut with a porter but I have been wanting to try it with something lighter for a while.

A few weeks back I bought two cans of Black Rock Export Pilsner. One I used already and – sadly, but as expected – it has a bit if a sugar twang to it.

Rather than ditch the second can or waste good hops on it, I’ve decided to experiment with it. I’ve taken the second can and fermented it by itself (13L, no extra malt or hops) with the plan to add coconut at the end – the hope being that the unsweetened toasted coconut will offset the sugar twang.

Today I added the coconut.

It will probably all end in something horribly undrinkable but hopefully only because it’s based on a Black Rock kit rather than because coconut doesn’t work in lighter beers.