507: Back to All Grain Pale Ale


Two weeks in and China Pils is moving along very slowly. I remember my first fridge Pils took about a month but I still expected this one to be further along than it is.


Seems Genki enough though – although I suspect those yeast clumps on top really should have absorbed into the wort as it is supposed to be bottom fermenting yeast.

I brewed another pale ale tonight. It’s a variation of 507 Back to All Grain Pale Ale but with a bit more malt and a slightly different hop schedule (though the same hops). I’ll write the details sometime, but not tonight as I am cream-crackered.



This is what brewing is all about. Making beer that tastes better than the majority of beers out there.

After a week of Citra dry-hopping and force carbed and chilled overnight, 507 tastes absolutely gorgeous. The photo doesn’t do it justice. Fresh malts, and abundance of hop aroma, and the complexity of all those hops together.

I don’t need to fake pleasure enjoying this. I could drink the full keg of this tonight.

Completely screwed up the chilling on this by using the ice while it was still slush. Got nowhere near the right temps.


Final size 20L. Boil 11L.
Bitterness:38 IBU
OG:1.020 FG:1.008

Steeping (in 2L 65-70 degrees)
100g American crystal 60L
40g American crystal 30L

1kg Light dry malt extract

14g Simcoe (14.5% AA, 10 min.)
14g Centennial (10.5% AA, 10 min.)
14g Mosaic (12.5% AA, 10 min.)
14g Simcoe (14.5% AA, 5 min.)
14g Centennial (10.5% AA, 5 min.)
14g Mosaic (12.5% AA, 5 min.)

Split the fermentation chamber in two to handle two fermenters on the go (the other has 507 with 30g Citra dry hopping). Was impressed by the fermentation chamber before splitting it – with extra foam tiles it consistently kept temps 7 degrees cooler than room temps, and it would maintain the temp for more than 24 hours. Will be less effective split in two tonight but I hope to free some more plastic storage boxes over the next few days.

22nd May 2014: I wouldn’t recommend making this. Something didn’t quite work with it; the hops flavours did’t come through. It may be because I used bags for the hops. Dry hopping didn’t help either – but that also may be because I used bags for the hops. In any case, it didn’t work. After dry hopping with Simcoe, Centennial, and Citra, I ended up blending it with another 503 (Pils) to create something drinkable, but not quite what I wanted.

I’ve never seen the Krausen like this before – thin and flat – from US05. Usually the Krausen is all foamy and bubbly and brown. After searching around, it appears these are suspended yeast colonies – a relief because I thought it could be an infraction (but it tastes and smells fine).


Now that I have a Mash Tun, I can brew all grain again – yay! Not an easy task as my kettle is too small for a full sparge, even for a half batch, but I got there in the end.

Back to All Grain Pale Ale

1.044 OG → 1.012 FG → 4.3%ABV
111 IBU

Maris Otter 1.75 kilograms
Munich 0.5 kilograms
Crystal 20L 0.15 kilograms
Crystal 60L 0.15 kilograms

Zeus 17.4% 15g

Amarillo 8% 15 g
Centennial hops 10.1% 15g
Chinook hops 15.6% 15g
Simcoe hops 13% 15g

Amarillo 8% 15 g
Centennial hops 10.1% 15g
Chinook hops 15.6% 15g
Simcoe hops 13% 15g


Hops bagged and ready






15m hop addition boiling away




A hop at the top!




Squeezing the hops


Yeast sprinkled


In the makeshift fermentation chamber. The plan is to place bottles of ice in here to keep the temp right. Need to drink several litres of Coke Zero first though!