Completely screwed up the chilling on this by using the ice while it was still slush. Got nowhere near the right temps.


Final size 20L. Boil 11L.
Bitterness:38 IBU
OG:1.020 FG:1.008

Steeping (in 2L 65-70 degrees)
100g American crystal 60L
40g American crystal 30L

1kg Light dry malt extract

14g Simcoe (14.5% AA, 10 min.)
14g Centennial (10.5% AA, 10 min.)
14g Mosaic (12.5% AA, 10 min.)
14g Simcoe (14.5% AA, 5 min.)
14g Centennial (10.5% AA, 5 min.)
14g Mosaic (12.5% AA, 5 min.)

Split the fermentation chamber in two to handle two fermenters on the go (the other has 507 with 30g Citra dry hopping). Was impressed by the fermentation chamber before splitting it – with extra foam tiles it consistently kept temps 7 degrees cooler than room temps, and it would maintain the temp for more than 24 hours. Will be less effective split in two tonight but I hope to free some more plastic storage boxes over the next few days.

22nd May 2014: I wouldn’t recommend making this. Something didn’t quite work with it; the hops flavours did’t come through. It may be because I used bags for the hops. Dry hopping didn’t help either – but that also may be because I used bags for the hops. In any case, it didn’t work. After dry hopping with Simcoe, Centennial, and Citra, I ended up blending it with another 503 (Pils) to create something drinkable, but not quite what I wanted.